Here we have gathered some information you might find useful while you are visiting the World Cup in Canmore. Can’t find what you are looking for? Let us know at info@canmorebiathlon.ca

Spectator Experience

  • Do I need a ticket? Free ON-COURSE viewing. Or get a ticket for the close action in the STADIUM overlooking the SHOOTING RANGE (GRANDSTAND or join the ROCKY MOUNTAIN CLUB – TICKETS go on sale 01 OCT 2023. To be first on the list please contact tix@canmorebiathlon.ca )
  • Is anything happening in the arena before the competitions start? Yes, Official Canmore World Cup merchandise will be on sale.
  • Is it easy to find my way around the arena? Yes, the arena will be well signposted. In addition, our dedicated volunteers will be happy to answer your questions if you cannot find your way.
  • Can I stand alongside the tracks and watch the competitions free of charge? Yes, on-course viewing is free and no ticket is needed.
  • Can I buy food and drink at the venue? Yes, there will be booths selling food and drink. In addition, Cornerstone Café will be open to the public in the Day Lodge from 9 am – 5 pm daily. The café will be serving freshly prepared soups, chili’s, hot lunches, baked goods, locally roasted Rave coffee and beer!
  • Will there be anywhere I can go to keep warm? Yes, the Day Lodge is open to everyone.
  • Will there be plenty of toilets? There will be toilets close to the stands. There are also accessible toilets inside the Day Lodge.

In the Arena

  • Advertising: Commercial advertising in form of banners, flags and similar are not permitted in the spectator areas and will be removed if necessary.
  • ATM: An ATM is located inside the Day Lodge, near the Cornerstone Café
  • Cameras: May be brought info the area for private use. However, flashes may not be aimed at the athletes.
  • Dogs: Dogs are not allowed in the arena.
  • Emergency evacuation: In case of an emergency evacuation, spectators are to follow officials’ instructions, which will lead to a safe area.
  • First aid: In case of emergency, dial 911. We will have doctors and first aid personnel on site. Contact one of our officials in case you need help.
  • Prohibited items in the arena: We will perform checks at the entrance. The following items are prohibited to bring into the arena; Alcohol, weapons, pets, flash cameras and drones, umbrellas, flammable liquids, pyrotechnic ordinance such as fireworks and Bengal lights
  • Radio: FM radio receivers may be taken into the arena. Radio transmitters must have a special permit from the World Cup organizing committee.


  • Can I park at the venue: No, there is only parking in the venue for disabled people.
  • How can I travel to the venue: Everyone can take a free public shuttle from the Roam bus stop on 900 A Railway Ave to the venue.  The bus departs every 15 minutes from 8 am to 6 pm on competition days. The bus ride takes about 10 minutes. Another option is to arrive by foot, which takes about 30 minutes from the town centre.