Canadian Women’s Relay Struggles in Cold Conditions

By February 9, 2019 News

CANMORE, AB, February 8, 2019. Blustery conditions challenged the home team at the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon women’s relay, where they were lapped so not able to finish the race. The Canuck’s started Sarah Beaudry, Emma Lunder, Megan Bankes, and Rosanna Crawford. “The first loop I was relaxed and gliding well at the front of the pack” says Beaudry, of Prince George, BC. “But it didn’t go well in the range at all”.

Every team battled cold temperatures and gusting wind, which made shooting difficult. Even the leaders were missing shots and playing cat and mouse for the lead, with Germany finally claiming the win. When the target is the size of a toonie, even a slight breeze can move an accurate shot outside the target. In a gusting wind, athletes have to use strategy but also have a little luck on their side.

The women’s relay sees each athlete racing 6 km and making two trips to the range before tagging their teammate. Athletes get an extra three spare rounds per trip to the range before they must do a penalty loop for a missed shot.

Germany found themselves on the top of the podium, with Norway in silver position and France claiming bronze in a close race to the finish with Italy.  Even sharp-shooter Laura Dahlmeier of the German team struggled with the wind and cold conditions, commenting “With one penalty loop in a relay I’m not happy, but we are the winners and that’s great”.

Sprint races have been cancelled for Saturday due to a very cold weather forecast. The races have been pushed to Sunday. Please follow updates on Sunday’s race schedule at and

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