Volunteer Area Descriptions

By Volunteers

Below are general descriptions of the various areas requiring volunteers. Please think carefully about the roles you request. If outside, be prepared to be out and standing for long periods for any weather condition. Some roles require physical strength, and/or excellent vision and such.

We are only accepting applications for full-day commitments and cannot accommodate shared or part day roles. As well, if you commit to a day, please do what you can keep available. Last minute changes do happen, but are very challenging for the organizers to manage.

As a volunteer for the IBU World Cup you will not only be responsible for your role, but will also be an ambassador for the sport, the event and the Canmore community. We want everyone to be feel welcome and respected. We, Canadians, are known for our diplomacy, warmth and friendly smiles. Let’s sparkle!


The Competition office is a sophisticated information centre that supports athletes/teams, fields questions, supporting jury and IBU representatives, organizing team leader meetings, managing registrations, bib distribution, radio assignments, wax room assignments, etc.  It is where all the results come in to be complied and distributed.  It is a highly administrative area and requires people who are service-minded, highly organized, capable of working in a very hectic environment and always able to keep a cool head. German and Russian or other language skills are helpful.


Course volunteers are responsible for ensuring the ski trails are well maintained and safe for both training and competitions. As a member of the course team, you may assist with one or more of the following tasks course security, air and snow temperature measurements, course marking, and fencing.  These roles are outdoors with exposure to the elements for lengthy periods. While in these roles, you will experience the thrill of the skiing aspects of the competition while being mindful of the activities of spectators and support crews.


The Penalty Loop is where athletes do penance for missed shots.  Volunteers here will be witness the heartbreak and excitement as athletes struggle to maintain position.  Volunteers will be responsible for recording loops completed.  Those results are then delivered to the competition office to be collated and cross-checked with the results coming in from the range to ensure athletes have completed the required loops for missed shots.


Working at the shooting range is often fast-paced and requires speed and accuracy, but it allows you to be close to the action. Medals are often won or lost here. Results are recorded both electronically and manually (paper). Results are then sent to the Competition office and collated. It is critical that all volunteers participate in ensuring the range is safe and secure by watching that firearms are being handled appropriately and that the range can be navigated safely by athletes, officials and volunteers by keeping it free from extraneous activity and debris.


This crew is responsible for the setting up the stadium which includes start, finish, penalty loop, equipment check, clothing transportation and podium positioning. Stadium Crew ensures the proper functioning and safety of everything around these areas. Assignments will involve setting up fences, banners, whiskers, v-boards and re configuring the Stadium throughout the week for the different types of races. This setup work takes place early in the mornings and maintenance throughout the day. Stadium Crew will also be responsible for doing equipment checks before and after races.


A variety of duties may be assigned to this group from marshaling athletes in the start area, pre-calling and recording the order of finishes, etc. Good vision (to read bib numbers from a distance) and attention to detail is required for most tasks. One should be comfortable with electronic data recording.


With the exception of spectators, everyone at any of the World Cup events must be accredited.  All athletes, coaches, support staff, media, volunteers, officials, etc. must obtain accreditation passes to allow them access to appropriate parts of the various venues.  Volunteers working in this area will be working with computer systems, printing and laminating equipment.  Service-minded volunteers here must be comfortable with projecting authority while being welcoming.  This area is often a source of information for the entire event.


Volunteers in this are tasked with ensuring that competitors selected for doping tests are appropriately chaperoned and escorted to testing facilities following the rules and guidelines set by the IBU in this regard. Volunteers must be discreet, professional and respectful of privacy at all times.


Individuals volunteering in this area will be called upon to assist teams as a concierge and provide necessary language support.  Volunteers must be fluent in the language of the visiting team and English.  You may also be called upon to greet and meet teams as they arrive in Calgary and support them in navigating their way to Canmore.  Greeters will also be needed to greet teams, media, VIPs when they arrive in Canmore and direct them to their rooms and meals and such.  Second language skills are required.


Food and Beverage volunteers will be supporting the various hospitality venues that are serving food and beverages.  Individuals volunteering in this area will be responsible for ordering, liaising with vendors and Hospitality venues to ensure meal and beverage requirements are being met.


Athletes, coaches and IBU officials will use this area to “hang out”, relax and connect. Meals and refreshments will be served. It will by up to volunteers to make sure everything runs smoothly and is kept clean. This area will be secured. Volunteers here must use discretion and respect privacy.


Volunteers for this position must be medical professionals or have current first-aid certifications to be vetted by the Medical Chief.


To work in this section, you need to be solution-oriented and prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that the people tasked with communicating news about the event via the various media channels have the best possible working conditions. Work will involve rigging, organizing press conferences, coordinating the photo zone and stands, making sure refreshments are available, and keeping check of the mixing zone. This can often be a high paced and hectic area.  Media experience is helpful.

Volunteer roles may include: In-front personal (assisting with lighting issues), Media Spotters, Media Runners, Athlete Escorts (to media events), Media Room Assistant, Concierge, etc.


We need individuals to help organize a spectator refreshment area with Food Trucks, market stalls, and retailers (IBU approved). Creating a fun place for the whole family to be part of this event and we will need creative individuals to organize and lead this area. Volunteer roles may include: Leaders, program organizers, etc.


Access to all the Biathlon venues is restricted and requires accreditation or tickets to be allowed appropriate access. Access controllers and security will be stationed throughout the venues. Volunteers here will support Stadium, Range and Course crews to ensure that proper fencing and access controls are in place. Volunteers here must be comfortable asserting authority while maintaining a positive environment. Parking controllers will also be required. The Nordic Centre will be closed to public parking. Parking controllers will direct traffic accordingly and direct the public to public transit or specially set up transportation systems. Parking controllers will also provide information about the events.


Volunteers in this area will be ambassadors for the sport ans well as handle ticketing.  You will be must have a strong knowledge of the sport of Biathlon and the programs and be able to educate spectators of the intricacies of biathlon.  We want our community to get as excited about this sport as the Europeans do!  Volunteers will be taking tickets, providing information, directing guests to spectator areas and other onsite services like cafes and toilets, selling swag, meeting buses of spectators and more.


We will need people to help distribute toques, coats and other swag and material required for volunteers. As well, we will be setting up a World Cup SWAG retail centre and will need volunteers to manage it. This will also likely become an Information Centre for Spectators and ticket purchases.


Special transportation systems will be set up to move athletes, support staff, volunteers, media and such to and from around Canmore to the Nordic Centre. We will also need drivers to support key officials and VIPs. Drivers may also be called upon to act as a courier to deliver goods as necessary. A strong knowledge of the Canmore area is essential, along with a valid driver’s licence. Private bussing systems will be required for athletes, coaches, support staff, officials and VIPs. Assistance will be needed in setting up and supervising the logistics of the transportation needs before, during and after the event. As well, chauffeurs may be required to deal with special situations. Standby drivers will also be required to move equipment or to pick up and deliver material, etc.


This area will be the central meeting place for volunteers to get up-to-date information, directions, refreshments, hand warmers, meals and so on.


Volunteers will be required to direct our visitors to transportation services, meals and/or provide information on other services and highlights of the area. You will also be providing information on special events, health services, weather conditions, etc. Greeters will meet schools and other special guests and lead to the appropriate areas. Volunteers will be needed throughout the day and late into the evening.